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What you are going to play and test, is a game I needed years of development to build: in the 2009 year in fact I had the intuition on how to realize tomb raider custom levels using 3ds max, a professional 3d software, and since then, a little revolution has started in the custom levels world, because other level designers started using this method I invented (which is possible only thanks to the meta2tr tool) and soon we will see a generation of new custom levels completely new both visually either on the gameplay side.
Hypersquare so has this merit, that is this method, the graphics and the gameplay completely reinvented (or so) still remaining “Tomb Raider” in its basics.
Even thoughalmost 5 years have passed since I’ve been developing this game, it has its roots in a more remote age: in fact some of the locations, some of the enigmas, and part of the story, come from a game I never released nor completed: “Fables”. So we can date the birth of “HyperSquare”, in its roots, since 2004, September, to be precise, after a long relax time I needed from the realization of my Tomb Raider A, released on March 2004.

HyperSquare is the first part of a long story I have written in my mind, the first part of a series of games that I am going to realize with this innovative method. Even if it belongs to a trilogy, though, and many lines of the plot will be developed in the following episodes, HyperSquare is a standalone game.

It tells a story that I would have liked to tell in Fables, but now it is taken to a Sci-Fi and realistic key rather than a Fantasy one as it was in the beginning.
I tried to twist many common places, and certainness by all Tomb Raider players since Core Design’s official games.
  1. you will never have the double guns, but
  2. you’ll have infinite health,
  3. infinite ammos right just after you’ll pick up a weapon
  4. you won’t have to pick up medipacks hidden in otherwise unused corners of the level,
  5. you won’t have to use thrifty your health, nor to search for medi packs to go on,
  6. neither ammos when they are finished.
In this way, every level corner has its own finality: usually a level designer realizes the level graphics, the locations, and then, if he cannot find a use for that area, he puts in it a secret, or a medipack or some ammos. Nothing like that in HyperSquare. Actually there will be some medipack here and there for the ones who wants a more classical gameplay: and actually there will be a certain level which is much more classic with a linear gameplay and normal use of medipacks. But that level is an exception in HyperSquare.

There are many news in HyperSquare, not only graphically, and you’ll find them in game: please, if at the beginning you’ll find some very hard routes, I am in the most trle internet forums to help you, even if the reason you should be stuck for, will be very often cause of the new things that could look like a threat.

The game has many in game helps, for the most difficult routes, or the less obvious ones in the first levels, even if I tried to make everything the more direct, clear and immediate possibly. There will be many fmv’s, more or less complex, not all are perfect, I know, but I put a lot of effort in them: they will tell you the story, about which you have some clue from this introduction and from other sections of this website.


A breach in the space-time continuum has opened and seems malicious. After the TechnoEgyptians mess, Psiko calls Lara Croft again in his laboratory in South of Italy to engage her to discover what it is going on. She gets in touch with the strange secret society of Eternals, who seem to control time and space.

Inspired in certain ways, by Isaac Asimov’s novel “The End of Eternity”, “HyperSquare” is the first part of a series of games about a Relativistic journey through time and space in search for many answers: who are the Eternals and why do some well known ancient enemies seem to have just come back from Lara’s past? And what is that dimensional breach that suddenly appeared inside our Solar System?

Multimedia and Screenshots


Here they are the six zipped file you need to play my game: follow the instruction for installing it, by selecting that specific 3d icon called “Installation and requirements” directly from the menu ring of this website.
The files that are needed, have been uploaded on four different servers:

  1. on which is also the host for this website
  2. on
  3. on
  4. on

mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 mirror 4
File 1 File 1 File 1 File 1
File 2 File 2 File 2 File 2
File 3 File 3 File 3 File 3
File 4 File 4 File 4 File 4
File 5 File 5 File 5 File 5
File 6 File 6 File 6 File 6

Those four servers actually work like real mirrors, that is you can download each of the six files from any of the previous link, for example, the first one from and another from or another from if you do not get file transfer errors, those files will be compatible even though they comes from different sites and they will work fine just right after you have downloaded all the six necessary files.

Installation and Requirements

“HyperSquare” needs lots of resources to run smoothly. On my 4 years old pc, the framerate is normal (around 30 frames per seconds, which is a quantity forcedly set by the engine itself) and there are no lags, even in very complex scenes. I hope you have a computer recent enough or at least powerful enough to sustain the very high detail in those levels.

The game does not work without FMV’s, the heaviest part of this game size, because I put events that will be activated only at the end of certain fmv’s.

Follow the instructions in the movie right here below for a correct installation of this videogame.

What you need to do, for those who cannot view that youtube video, is to download all the six files in the download page in the same folder into your hard disk (those files do not work separately), open the first file of six with WinRAR and drag’n’drop “TR-HyperSquare” folder in C:\ inside My Computer (it’s a simple file extraction). Winrar will recognize automatically that there are six files at all, and it will extract my whole game in this folder: C:\TR-HyperSquare where you can go and run my game with a double click on the exe.


Lara’s controls are the same as those in the classic Tomb Raider games by Core Design, for example inside “Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation”. I added few other controls that will be explained in game.

Thanks and Credits

Over the years, even if about 99% of what you see in game has been made by myself, I have used lots of objects from other level designers, and I think I am not able to remember everything. So, if you feel like I have to credit you for anything, drop me a line at and I’ll update the credit file in my website: . No offence is intended, so do not start any fight: I am interested myself in crediting you as much as you.
Most of the times, I have edited a downloaded object, and customized to my needs. Anyhow, I have used objects from wads released on the internet from these authors: Teme9, Level NextGen, LGG_Production, Shauni/Trinity, October, PoYu (I think Deskj used part of one of your outfits for my Lara’s legs), Deskj, Jesus Croft, Matrix54, Tifanazah, Ligufaca, Trix (I am naming them in random order, as I am seeing their object in my levels while writing this documentation, or as I remember them). I have often downloaded textures from and other websites. And some 3d meshes are from internet too, like many props ones you find in the “Hypercube” level or in the title, and following levels (about 20 objects, even if, again, edited to fit my needs). The original “Eternal” robot was downloaded from internet too, and changed a lot to look like the one you see in game.

- Special thanks -

Apofyse: for one switch animation + mechanical floor switch item: what a wonderful switch! Original and perfect for TR levels, thank you for letting me using it! I love all your new animations!
Bamba: for taking the shots of Lara's frame television: you were really kind and patient.
Teme9: 4 or 5 plants I created were based on your meshes, but I also used lots of them untouched (only scaled, re-lit and sometimes I changed the hue of few textures).
MIKKI: your wonderful black texture with yellowish borders gave me the base idea for my space-time continuum texture.
Raidermatty: THANKS for your wonderful and inspirational screenshots.
Meta2tr: Thanks for your fabulous tool! You made my dreams come true. Things I have to credit thanks to you are countless!
AoiHaru Aki: thank you for the info about the Ancient ruins of the roman aqueduct in Veneto: it was for a very special part of the entire story. And thank you even for all those Venice photos.
Paolone: thanks for your wonderful NGLE and TRNG! Nothing in HyperSquare would have been possible without it.
Special thanks to Deskj too, as he was so kind and careful to build my outfit as I wanted, and he never complained when I asked him to change even things so little that were not even noticeable in game, things even less than one pixel!
Thank you Lwmte for your very special FLEP patcher
Special thanks to my betatesters and final testers: José, Meta2tr, Overhill, Roberto Web, Syphon (in alphabetical order) and Delta, Miss_Lara, Simone. All of you made a great job and it was a pleasure to work with you: you were really patient and kind, even if the job was really hard and complex. Thanks José and Overhill also for their walkthroughs.
Thanks to and all its staff, Blu and Aspidetr, for giving me the chance to test my level with their support and for having built a wonderful HyperSquare website
The biggest and special thanks to Core Design for having created such a dream like Lara Croft and Tomb Raider games, and for having released the level editor.

Antivirus Alerts

My game is safe. But some antivirus programs can detect my Hypersquare.exe file as infected. That is because I have changed it with a customization tool. You can be sure, it is a safe file: it is a “false positive”, a way to say that the file is safe but antivirus programs do not know yet that it is. Maybe updating virus definitions could help, anyhow you should tell your program to ignore it. You need that file in my game, as many things, visual but not only, depend on it: so do not use other exes.
In case your antivirus automatically deletes my exe file, you find it as single file download at the following link , so you can get it without having to download again the entire game.



If you need help to overcome some game sequences, is available the HS walkthrough both in written and video version: